eZine Submissions/Ads


I am accepting submissions for the Summer issues. I am looking for the following:
1. Socks knit with Valkryie Fibers Tahoe and Miss Mothballs for the Gallery
2. Pictures of you knitting socks (or you can hold up the sock in progress) while out and about- at the
beach, at the movies, at a ball game, at a wedding, on vacation etc.. for the “Where do you knit your
socks?” feature
3. Articles about sock knitting (tips and tutorials), how sock knitting has changed your life or got you
through a challenging time in your life (a feel good piece)
4. Patterns for future issues -if you submit a pattern it remains the property of Addicted to Sock Knitting until the next issue comes out.
5. Local Yarn Store reviews for Summer future issues: I am looking for lys’s in the States and
6. Pictures of socks knit out of your own handspun yarn.
7. Articles on Spinning sock yarn
8. Harry Potter inspired socks- whether knit with an HP inspired colorway or a HP inspired pattern for Summer issue.

Please submit your pictures, article ideas or patterns to me at submit@addictedtosockknitting.com ASAP. For the Summer issue I need submissions by the end of June.

Everyone who submits a picture that gets used will be entered into a giveaway for a FREE project bag. If you submit a pattern that gets used I will pay $50 when the issue comes out, if you submit an article I pay out $25 or a FREE project bag, same for LYS reviews.

Ad Space:

If you are an indie dyer or artist/artisan that creates a product sock knitters would use we would
love have your ad in the eZine. We work on a bartering basis. For artists and artisans please email me to
strike a deal at debra@addictedtosockknitting.com .
Indie Dyers:
Quarter page ad: 1 skein of sock yarn and 12/ 10 yard mini skeins with a business card attached.
Half page ad: 2 skeins of sock yarn and 24/ 10 yard mini skeins with a business card attached.
Full page ad: 4 skeins of sock yarn and 48/ 10 yard mini skeins with a business card attached.
The mini skeins will be used in giveaways and my sock of the month kits. My goal is to help you to grow
your business!

Indie Dyers of Roving for Sock Yarn Spinners (wool w/roving): please contact me to arrange a barter.

If you are not an indie dyer but you are a small business/artist that creates a product that sock knitters would use and you would like to place an ad in the eZine please contact me. We will work a barter out.
Please contact me before the end of January 2015 to reserve your ad space.


If you have a product that you think sock knitters would use and you would like me to review it for a future issue of the eZine please contact me. Items could be project bags, sock knitting needles, yarn bowls, notions,  sock knitting books, sock blockers etc… debra@addictedtosockknitting.com