Please check out  new to me dyers Cortni and Wes at Rita Mae Yarns. Cortni sent me some amazing yarn this week. Unicorn and Benevolent Donut Goddess.

Read more about Rita Mae Yarns below. I found this on the website. Rita Mae is Cortni’s grandmother and the business was started in honor of her.

Rita Mae Yarns is run by myself, Cortni, and my fiance, Wes. We are a tag-team, creating beautiful colorways for the modern maker.

We started this business to spark inspiration to fiber artists, as well as younger people. Knitting and spinning were an outlet for Cortni when she was experiencing the negatives in life at the age of 20. It is a vision of ours to inspire younger generations to keep the beautiful old craft of fiber arts alive by putting a new twist into the craft to create a more modern style.

We chose the name Rita Mae in honor of Cortni’s great grandmother, Rita Mae Clasen, who passed away Valentine’s Day in 2014 due to stage 4 Bladder Cancer. She was a wonderful, funny, awesome needle crafter that inspired me to get into the needle crafting arts. We created this business in memory of her. If you see us at Fiber shows, her picture is always with us.

A little bit more about us, Cortni was born in Dubuque, Iowa but spent majority of her childhood in the suburbs near Baltimore, MD and Washington D.C. Cortni has a 4 year old sister, Madelyn, who was a surprise to all of us and is truly the light of Cortni’s life. I live with my fiance, Wes, starting our new adventure in the suburbs of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We have a dog, Lucy, (5 year old pughuahua mix) our cat, Kolbi, (3 year old something special), and we rescued our approximately 7 yr old, Daisy (Miniature Pincher).

Wes was born and raised in the same suburbs near Baltimore, MD and Washington D.C. Wes, while helping out a great deal with Rita Mae Yarns, loves to play guitar and ukulele. He also sings and writes his own music.

We are so glad you decided to learn more about us and look forward to your business!

Rita Mae YarnsRita Mae Yarns